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Electronic valve spring tester

Digital spring tester with recording of individual samples

The tester is suitable for individual measurement of individual springs with a history record. During repeated measurements, it is possible to evaluate the wear of the springs, during the subsequent revision of the valve head.

The individual measurements are processed in color and after the basic measurement, the differences can be evaluated immediately and the system automatically calculates the relevant axial washer. After fitting the washer, a control test is performed.


The technical solution of the device is on the platform of the CNC control system of the Czech company http://gravos.cz/ which provides for us the technological units of the control systems. For this purpose, a visual and evaluation environment was designed as required, which can be dynamically adapted to your own needs.


The system processes several measurement values:

Free spring and measurement in the entire dynamic range

Spring-loaded spring fitted in the head

Stroke according to camshaft and corresponding repacking

All these values ​​are recorded graphically and in a two-column diagram for evaluation and archiving test

Technical possibilities:

Maximum spring length 160 mm

Maximum measured spring weight up to 200 Kg


Preview of picture in folder Elektronický tester ventilových pružin