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Test room for oil pumps

The universal pump test room allows testing all types of pumps, especially external ones.

The test room can be modified with a modular system for measuring your pump

The main task of this test room is to check the ŠKODA 130RS/LR dry sump pumps and Walter Minor 4-III and 6-III aircraft engines. The pump is placed on the stool in the same position as on the engine, thus authentically, this ensures all conditions and external influences on the pump.

The control and evaluation system is fully controlled by a PLC with its own program, which is set accordingly before starting the test.

Resistance adjustment on the discharge side / motor crankcase channel distribution / is provided by a fully controlled servo valve controlled from the PLC.

The conditions for the measurement are specified by the user: the range of working revolutions and oil temperature

The oil pump can be tested in several modes, mainly programmed automatic or manual

The evaluated data, such as oil pressure depending on the revolutions, are graphically recorded, thanks to which it is possible not only to check the regulation setting of the bypass bypass valve, but also to detect oscillations and imperfect functioning of the valve. Subsequently, the entire pump can be checked and handed over with a guarantee of functionality, including an output protocol


Each oil pump is the heart of the engine, otherwise it would not be able to function and, as in a person, an arrhythmia may occur and this must be diagnosed.


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