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Special digitizing device for camshafts

Special digitizing device for camshafts
We complete and test a special instrument for measuring motorcycle cams of historic engines and other special engines based on motorcycle engines. Such as various units of military equipment, but also civilian, before the advent of electric motors for everyone.
Despite the fact that we already have one larger digitizing device, we still produced this special device based on measurements performed on the other device.
Digitization of cam shapes is performed on a machine of its own design, including the complex development of a control program. But thanks to this, we are able to reconstruct the original shape, even if the individual thumbs are damaged. The device allows digitization of individual shapes but also the actual timing of the entire shaft.
The device serves only to obtain the original shapes, but subsequently as a control mechanism of newly manufactured camshafts.
Immediately after the measurement, the basic information about the camshaft, timing from the basic position, stroke and other important quantities are evaluated on the device. From the measured data on the device, a data file is then processed for further work.
The main purpose of the device is both digitization and, above all, subsequent work with the data file for the design of a new cam weld. We respond to the requirements of users of heat engines. When the original fuel mixtures do not match the current fuels. Thanks to these facts, heat engines are damaged, especially in the area of ​​the combustion chamber and related components.
The main task is to make the camshaft more efficient for current fuels and thus ensure lower consumption, to make the performance of the heat engine more efficient and to increase its efficiency.
Based on the measured values, we are able to design and manufacture a new camshaft. We produce camshafts from aqueous semi-finished products, whether forgings or castings, and of course from solid materials. The shafts are heat treated and the surfaces treated to meet the most demanding conditions. Some special cams are coated, including surrounding parts to ensure mutual abrasion. These special operations are handled individually.
We perform engine tests in our own laboratory testing laboratory for these purposes, equipped with innovative technologies.
The machine allows measuring cams:
Tangential cam
Harmonic cam
Convex cam
Concave cam
Special cams
Cam disc
Related links with the issue of camshafts are mainly valve springs, we have devoted a separate section to this topic. We perform measurements of valve springs, including design and modification related to the camshaft.